The Championship Year will run from 1st January to 31st December in the same year.

The individual championships are open to both male and female members and are decided on all RACMSA approved events. A condition of earning points on any of the Club Motor Sport Championships is that the competitor shall have marshalled or acted as a named official on one of the Clubs own motor sport events in the year in question.

For a member to claim points in any CSMC Championship, the competing car should have the clubs name printed in the programme/entry list, OR display a club sticker on each side of the competing car, the club sticker in this content is either the club wind-screen sticker or the large CENSUS sticker or a fullsize replica of either. Further, in cases where results sheets do not show the Entrant or Club, competitors must produce an entry list with their results.It is the responsibility of each member to inform the Championship Secretary of any points he or she wishes to claim. All points must be claimed within one calendar month of the date of said event to be eligible and such claim must be accompanied by an official copy of the relevant results. In addition, points claimed after this period may be eligible at the discretion of the Championship Secretary, provided there are extenuating circumstances to justify such a decision.

Any competitor who makes a start and appears in the official results of a competition as having started shall receive one point. This rule will apply to all championships.

Road Rally (Driver)
Points will be awarded in relation to number of starters and overall finishing place.
i.e. 90 starters - 10th O/A = 81 points. 60 starters - 10th O/A = 51 points.

Road Rally (Navigator)
Points as for Road Rally Driver.

Stage Rally (Driver)

Points as for Road Rally Driver.

Stage Rally (Co-Driver)
Points as for Road Rally Driver.

FTD = 15 Points. Closed to Club event = 8 Points.
In each class: 1st = 10 points, 2nd = 9 points, down to 10th = 1 point (subject to 10 competitors or more in the Class) If less than 10 competitors in the class, points will be decided on the number of competitors in the class (i.e. 7 in class. 1st = 7 points, 2nd = 6 points, down to 7th = 1 point).
NOTE! For team events, substitute "event" for "class" and "team" for "competitor", and strike out FTD award.

Points as for Autotest.

Sprints and Hillclimbs
Points as for Autotest.

Production Car Trials
Points as for Autotest.
"Bouncers" will receive half the points of their respective drivers. Points for driving and/or bouncing can only be claimed once for any event (i.e. only one set of points can be claimed for each event).

Marshals Championship.
Points will be awarded as follows:-
Marshalling on a club event of National B or higher status. = 3 Points.
Marshalling on a non club event. = 2 Points.
Marshalling on a club event of less than National B status. (including 12 cars, grass autotests, and social event). = 2 Points.
PR work, each event. = 3 Points.

Organisers Championship.
As a member of the main organising team on a club National B or higher status event. = 8 Points.
As a member of the main organising team on a non club event of National B or higher status event. = 5 Points.
Organising a 12 car = 5 Points.

Organising a social event 3 Points
A named offical on any event. = 2 Points.
This Championship will not count towards any other championships.

N.B. In each championship only the best 6 results of each contender will count towards deciding the winner of each championship (excluding the Marshals Championship where all points scored will count), subject to the following qualification. In each and every Championship not more than four events within that Championship will count if they are NOT Club, Invited, ASEMC, ACSMC or LCAMC Championship events.

The Overall Championship, for which both male and female members are eligible will be decided upon final placings in the individual championships on the basis that for finishing first in an individual championship = 10 points; down to finishing 10th = 1 point (this ruling is subject to a minimum of 10 contenders in any particular championship).If there are less than 10 contenders in a championship, points will be dependent upon the number of contenders (i.e. 3 contenders : 1st = 3 points, down to 3rd = 1 point).

To be awarded to the best Beginner or Novice in any branch of motorsport which the committee may announce prior to the competition. The award is to be made to the person or persons in the case of rallying, best driver and best co-driver who have not won an award in any capacity in that sport at the beginning of that championship year.

To be eligible in the case of rallying both members of the crew must be beginners or novices. Any disput over eligibility will be referred to the main committee or sub-committee formed by it.

Points to be allocated in the same manner as the main Championship of the sport in the clubs championships. (points will be awarded in the usual way as in the Club Championship). Competitors who are eligible for this award at the first event will remain so for the rest of that Championship year even if they win awards during that year.

The Young Drivers Championship, for which both male and female members, who were under 25 years of age on the 1st January of the Championships year,
are eligible. i.e. for the 1988 championship year his or her date of birth must be after 1st January 1963.
Points calculated as for the Overall Championship excepting that only Road Rally Driver, Stage Rally Driver Autocross and Sprint & Hillclimb championships will count. This championship will not apply to the Overall Championship.

There will be a Ladies Championship open to all female members, which will run on the same rules as the Overall Championship, but which will not apply to the Overall Championship.

Treasure Hunts will not be eligible for points Organisers of Treasure Hunts may claim points towards the Marshals Championship.

Events will qualify for this Championship if they are held on a Club Night and notified in the Club Magazine and are of a competitive nature This Championship will not affect any other Championship.
Five points will be awarded to the Organisers of eligible events. Points will be awarded as for Autotests.